Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What's Next?

Oh my goodness--so much is on my plate it's slopping over and I'm in danger of slipping on it and knocking myself out!
First and foremost, my first grandchild is due on April 5th! Everything has taken a back seat to the big event. Last week I hosted a shower for my daughter-in-law and women flew in from all over the country. It was a huge success and we all had a ball.
Now, for just a little while, it's back to work on an on-line read scheduled for this summer and another Teddi Bayer mystery due August first. This on top of SUMMER DREAMS, an anthology I did with Kate Austin and Jennifer Greene scheduled for July and WHOSE NUMBER IS UP, ANYWAY? scheduled for August.
As you can see, the next few months should be pretty crazy for me. Lots of traveling to see the new baby, conferences, etc. I'm learning to write in airports, on planes, in hotel rooms. . .
I'm also working on Teddi's website, In the series Teddi, a decorator, maintains a website with hints and tips on decorating on a shoestring. I had a site for her but I've moved it and now I've got to figure out how to get everything from the old site loaded on the new one --while I'm writing the on-line read, making a quilt for the baby, promoting the summer books, running a super contest (do you know about that? You can enter at or at my website, . ), etc. etc.
It's been nice chatting with you, only now I'm even more stressed about getting all this done. What's Next for me? How about Valium?


Peg said...

Congrats on the soon-to-be grandbaby! What an exciting time for you! Being busy is stressful, but sometime I think that having nothing to do is even worse!

Peg (who is reading a "Teddi" book right now!)

Kate Austin said...


You're so busy! But the grandbaby is the most exciting thing I can imagine. I'm hanging in there, hoping (I know none of you are!) that she'll wait to be born on MY birthday.