Thursday, March 22, 2007

The NeXt is the First

I'm getting excited. My first NeXt is the next thing on the agenda for me. I'm not sure when it will be released, since I have no pub date yet, but I'm looking forward to it joining the other wonderful books in this group. The story is tentatively titled, FAMILY ALBUM and is the story of combining families. Often people re-marry and families are joined who don't have a shared history of growing up together. This is what happens to the two characters in my book. To add to the mix, both the hero and heroine have grown children who find the adjustment a little more difficult as their parents' attraction seems to come from left field.

While I'm waiting for the above book to be scheduled, I'm working on another proposal which I'm calling ROAD TRIP. The idea spawned from an old TV series call ROUTE 66. My heroine is taking to the open road in a 1959 red Corvette which she restored to drive the famous route and find her own freedom. But like Route 66, which had nearly disappeared in some places, she discovers that life can be just as adventurous as a stretch of highway.

Please drop by often for more updates on NeXt.

Shirley Hailstock


Kate Austin said...

Shirley, I can hardly wait for your first Next - I think we have the most fun and the most interesting stories - every one I've read I love.


Peg said...

Love the sound of your first Next. Having remarried (after being widowed) at the age of 49 with a 12 & 18 year old plus two step-children who were 22 & 23...I could almost write the book myself! LOL. Let's hope they both have a happy ending. :>)

Shirley Hailstock said...

Kate, I agree with you. I love these books. And they so remind me of everyday people having a blast.


Shirley Hailstock said...

Peg, that is so interesting. My "children" characters are about the same age. they were none too happy about the situation. They'd had their dad and mom to themselves for years and now here comes this other person, but it all works out.