Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's Not Just One Space, It's Every Space

I write everywhere in my house, except for the living room and diving room which no one ever goes in unless we have company or a party going on. I used to write in my bedroom. Yes, I'm divorced. My computer was a step away from the bed and it was so easy to get up on Saturday morning and begin writing before I even brushed my teeth. If an idea was burning, I could write it immediately.

Then I moved to a larger house and used one of the bedrooms as my office. I love it. It has everything, a desk, an expensive and comfortable chair that's worth every penny I paid for it. I used part of my first advance to buy that chair on sale. My books quickly outgrew the office, but there was no way I could do anything about that and I feel comfortable with them around me.

A few years after working in my office everyday life changed and my office was too small for a child to run around in without hitting herself on a sharp corner. So I bought a Dell computer where you got everything ans et up a small area in the corner to write while I could still watch her and she could watch me. But my main writing room remains my office.

After she goes to bed, I write in my office. Surrounding me, other than the boxes of tax records, are some of my favorite authors' books, momentos of past conferences, framed pictures of clowns (which I love), and my wall of placques and awards. In the summer sunlight filters through a leafy tree outside and provides the right amount of inspiring light. I find I write a lot more during the daylight hours in that room.
Even though the room is crowded, it's comfortable. I can even find a place for some of the knick knacks that people and fans have given me.
I don't know how your writing space is, but I haven't become used to any one place, where I have to write, have to concentrate. And I like it that way.
Hope your space is conducive to your writing too.
Shirley Hailstock

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