Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ever Heard of Synesthesia?

What's NeXt for me? My April title, Raspberry Sherbet Kisses, about a woman with synesthesia -- a rare linking of senses that lets her "taste" shapes and "see" sounds. I never knew a thing about this until I read a fascinating article that made me think, "What a wonderful way to experience the world!"

It also made me think, what would happen if you blurted out, "Turn off that radio! I can't see the road because the emergency broadcasting signal is turning the everything bright orange!"

People would make fun of you. Right?

Right. LilyRose Sheffield loves the images that pass before her eyes when she hears music or enjoys -- well, a kiss -- but she keeps this a secret after a boyfriend tells her she's not just weird, she's crazy. Then one day a mean-spirited customer comes into LilyRose's gift basket shop and insults a child she's befriended. Throwing off years of repression, she impulsively hurls a basket at the woman -- only to end up being escorted from her shop in handcuffs! LilyRose desperately needs someone who can teach her to embrace her uniquess. She just doesn't expect to find him waiting to pick her up from the jailhouse.

Romantic Times has named Raspberry Sherbet Kisses a Top Pick, and calls it "irresistible and a completely original story [that] bubbles with unexpected details, sparkles with humor, and has an emotionally satisfying ending." What a thrill this is for me! I hope you'll have as much fun reading the book as I did writing it.

Ellyn Bache


Shirley Hailstock said...


What a concept. This sounds like so much fun. I once say a little girl (kindergarten) who was blind. She could smell colors. No matter what color you asked her to pick up, she got it right.

She was so fascinating, I had to stop myself from staring at her. It;s been 20 years and I still remember her.


Kate Austin said...

Ellen - I love the idea of this book and I can hardly wait to read it. Sometimes, occasionally, sounds turn into colors for me - but it doesn't happen often enough (I hope!) for it to truly affect my life other than in positive ways.

I'm off to buy the book today.


Ellyn Bache said...

Kate and Shirley,
It IS a fascinating concept, and now that the book is nearly out (it'll be on shelves April 10), I'm hearing from people like the girl who could smell colors, who have extraordinary experiences as a regular part of their lives. Like Kate, I think a lot of us have a "touch" of synesthesia, but only sometimes. For me, it's the different shapes and colors of pain -- maroon streaks for sharp muscle pains, for example. I'd love to pair a vision of raspberry sherbet with a kiss ... but alas, I guess that's never going to happen!