Sunday, March 18, 2007

What's Next for Lenora Worth?

My second book for Next is tentatively titled Sidelined and should be out in late 2008. It's about an ex-jock and his "life coach." NFL quarterback Lenny Paxton is having a mid-life crisis, or so the world thinks. When his hotshot agent sends in a life coach to get Lenny back on track, Lenny decides to show prim Jane Harper that he doesn't need a coach, and she's the one who needs to get a life. Lenny doesn't mind one bit being a has-been. But Jane can't let go of a good challenge and she can't tolerate a wasted career or a new opportunity. Before it's over, she might have to let go of her heart and some of her preconceived notions about jocks.

What's next for me? I will be in lovely Birmingham, ALA the first weekend of April, speaking at the Southern Magic Writers' Conference about what it's like to write for Steeple Hill and Harlequin. Last year, I celebrated a milestone with the release of my 25th book with Harlequin and Steeple Hill. I've been busy with a three book contract and a suspense continuity that is set near Savannah in my home state of Georgia. Also in April, I will "celebrate" my 51st birthday. Or mourn it?? Not sure which. I don't mind growing old so much. I've learned a lot over the years and it's kind of nice to wonder what might be just around the bend. That's why I love writing. It's a constant adventure and mystery. And writing for Harlequin's Next allows me to explore the world as a mature woman who knows that life doesn't end with the last birthday. Indeed, it begins all over again with each new season. I invite all of you to find out what's next in your own adventures. And while you're at it, please consider reading the many wonderful books from the NEXT authors. They keep right up with mature women who have attitude, class, and a whole lot of experience in life. Don't miss out!


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