Saturday, March 3, 2007

My Work Space

Right now, my work space is messy. I've been working on two different books so I have papers scattered everwhere and research books all over the place. But that's okay. I love my office even when it's messy. I started out working at a small typewriter desk, then my husband built me a desk with surrounding bookshelves. When we moved, we took all of that with us. Then finally we moved into this house and now my office is upstairs. I love the beach just like the characters in my Next book "Once In A Blue Moon". So I designed this office with a beach theme. It has pretty light blue walls like the ocean and it has pictures with ocean views on each of the walls. My husband took an old shelf that once belonged in my son's room and painted it a darker blue and over that we put a picture of a lone white chair with a blue scarf flying from it, sitting out by the ocean. I love that picture. Across one wall I have a long counter that is pebbled blue. It looks like the beach. I use the counter for doing research, paying bills and tossing all the other paperwork until I can get to it. I also do editing there at times. Over the counter I have a small mural of yet another beach scene. The mural looks like an open window and it looks down on a beach with palm trees, a sail boat, and a mountian off in the distance. (I love palm trees.) I have a comfortable chaise lounge by the window and a beautiful throw scattered with sea shells lying across that. (A friend gave me the throw.) And I have books, lots and lots of books everywhere.

So even though my office is cluttered and messy right now, it is still a retreat. I love sitting in the chaise lounge, dreaming or plotting or sometimes reading. This is my workspace, but it is also my retreat. I feel safe here. Very safe. Because this is my room with a view, and this is where my dreams come true.

Lenora Worth :)

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Angela Breidenbach said...

Thank goodness someone else writes among a little clutter:-)
Angie B