Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's NEXT in November

by Susan Crosby

There was a hot-looking man in her kitchen. And he was cooking!

Maureen Hart had never had a summer so crazy...not even the year she'd become a teenage unwed mother. Now her life was on track with a steady boyfriend and a big promotion looming. And the one person who could derail everything was now waiting on her doorstep!Maureen's estranged daughter desperately needed her to care for her six-year-old son for a while. She just never imagined when she said yes that the child's gorgeous paternal grandfather, Daniel, would insist on staying, as well.

Quarters were getting interestingly close. But Maureen was technically almost engaged...and a workaholic...and a control freak. And totally about to cut loose and indulge in a little fun with a man capable of doing his own laundry!


Thirty-nine-year-old Maureen Hart's life seems like it's moving toward complete satisfaction. She has a serious man, good friends and a possible promotion. Then her estranged daughter leaves Maureen with the young grandson she adores but has never spent any time with. Handsome and unsettling Daniel Cregg, the paternal grandfather, follows. Since her daughter and grandson live with him in Seattle, Maureen feels he stole them from her after his son died. Soon her settled life is in turmoil as she fights her attraction to Daniel and refuses to put her boyfriend ahead of her grandson. I'm Your Man (4), by Susan Crosby, has an interesting, compelling hero, a complex heroine and a heartwarming ending—which might be too neatly tied up but is completely entertaining.
~ Romantic Times


by Peggy Webb

What happens when two women swap lives?

Soap Opera Star Gloria Hart: After losing her celebrated soap opera role, she winds up crashing her Ferrari Spider and getting stranded in Mooreville, Mississippi. Will America's TV goddess discover the role of her life with handsome rancher Matt Tucker playing the leading man? After all, he's the first man she's kissed off camera in over five years!

Married Mom Jenny Miller: Up to her ears in pies she bakes for her husband's restaurant and the trials of an angst-ridden teenager, she's lost touch with herself. Can her budding friendship with Gloria change that? With a few margaritas, a memorable road trip and a little help from each other, these women are about to find friendship, love and their own secret goddesses!


ChristyJan said...

I'M YOUR MAN and THE SECRET GODDESS CODE sound like great books. I'll have to add them to my list.

tam said...

I'll be looking for these books when I go book shopping, they are on my list!

Susan said...

Both books sound like winners!

Maureen said...

I have never read a romance with a Maureen as the heroine and it does sound like a great story too.

Virginia said...

I would love to read these books. I will have to put them on my book list.

Wakela Runen said...

These both sound like great books. I will definitely be getting them.

Kimberly L said...

These sound like some good books.

ruth said...

These books are so appealing. I will be reading them. Thanks for the beautiful artwork and background on them.

Lily said...

I am looking forward to these books... however my local bookstore is not very fond of them :(

Nathalie said...

I want to read the Susan Crosby book... but will wait until it comes in the bookstores in November :)

ellie said...

I love the books. Both sound absolutely fantastic. Your Next books are such a joy to read.

diane said...

Your books are so attractive and intriguing. I just have to read these. I cannot resist them.