Sunday, October 14, 2007

Scary Movie

I love masquerade parties, always have. I suppose it’s being able to be someone else for a little while, release the inhibitions and act the part from behind a colorful mask that is appealing. This is probably why I love Halloween. You get to play dress up. I’m in the process of making my daughter’s Halloween costume. I cut the pattern out today and did all the marking. Now I’m ready to sew. She’s going to be a pilgrim. I have an Elizabethan gown I made several years ago for the masquerade party they have every year at the Romantic Times Convention. I’m going to wear it as I take my daughter trick or treating. The gown is beautiful and took me a whole evening to create each sleeve. It needs ironing and the photo doesn’t do it justice, but it is a beautiful gown. Members of my romance writers chapter have occasionally borrowed it for programs, fashion shows and demonstrations.

When I was younger, I used to spend Sunday afternoons in the theater watching horror movies. My friends and I used to love to do the "scare me to death in the dark" routine. And at that time, it seemed as if there was a different horror movie every week. Much like there are continuous teen movies today. If a movie truly met our qualifications, we’d be scared. If not, it was usually laughable.

One of my all-time favorite scary movies is Invasion of the Body Snatchers . It was hard to choose just one to write about, but this one still gives me chills today. It doesn’t matter how many versions of the movie they make, and I see another one with Nicole Kidman is about to be released, the black and white release from 1956 with Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter is the best in my opinion. It scared me when I first saw it because it was so real. I knew it could happen. I was convinced that in some small town in America the invasion had already begun. Even though I was and am a logical person, I knew this could happen so quickly and without the knowledge of anyone who could stop it.

I completely empathized with Dr. Miles Bennell (Kevin McCarthy). No one believed him. He was a well-respected physician, and other doctors thought he was crazy. If he convinced anyone, no one else could and if they did it would be too late for them to do anything.

I saw the story as it was presented. At my young age, Id didn’t get the underlying message of a story. It was decades later that I realized there was a metaphor in there for Communism or McCarthyism. For my purposes, it worked. I was scared. And today I continue to be entertained, even though I can see the flaws in the plotline. They don’t detract from the film. Halloween is approaching and I haven’t see it on the television schedule yet, but I’m sure it will be there before the holiday ends. Look for it and enjoy a really fine film.



bettye griffin said...

I didn't see Invasion of the Body Snatchers until I was over 40, well past the time the first remake had been done. But I watch it whenever they show it on Turner Classic Movies. I love the ending.

Happy Halloween!

pearl said...

I love Gaslight due to its atmosphere. I saw it in the theatre manyy ears ago. Just great.

Lily said...

Okay... I don't really like Halloween because of all this spooky talking, just give me the chills.

But I like masquerade parties... regency style!

Nathalie said...

Those costumes are very old-looking!!

Shirley Hailstock said...


They are supposed to be old looking. They're Elizabethan.


ellie said...

I enjoy oldies which have great atmosphere and acting.

diane said...

Great costumes which are really perfect. I loe to dress up in authentic costumes. Makes it so real.

ruth said...

For me the classics are what makes it enjoyable and real.

Shirley Hailstock said...


I like to do it too. In fact, I'm going to wear my costume on Halloween. I made my daughter a Quaker outfit and it is so cute. She's only 5, but it looks great on her.


Nathalie said...

I knew that (maybe not the Elizabetean though!!)... I love to go to the costume institute!