Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September Song

I love September - it's always a toss up for me whether I prefer April or September, but when it's September, I know that it's my favorite month.

One of the reasons I love September so much is because I live in Vancouver and the evenings in September are the most beautiful of the year. And that's going some because Vancouver evenings (sun or rain or the bi-yearly snow) are incredibly beautiful. Just look at the sky in this picture - it's gorgeous.

Other reasons I love September? Shall I count the ways?

I love the weather, the cool evenings, the warm days, the gentle rain.

I love the leaves changing color. It's not a big event in the rainforest because most of the trees are coniferous, but there are a few streets where there are deciduous trees and the colors are brilliant. It reminds me of the east coast for a very short period of time.

I love the feeling of starting a new year. All of us spent most of our formative years beginning the year in September and that sticks with us, at least it did with me. I tend to do more list-making, more organizing, more goal-setting in September than I ever do in January.

I love the way people come back from vacation rested and ready to go. They want to go out to play, they want to get working, they're ready to get back to their regular lives.

I love the movies in September - this is when all the Oscar contenders start hitting the theatres and I get to see great movies week after week.

I love the way people (including me) in Vancouver eek (eak?) out the last days of summer, wearing sandals and shorts and T-shirts even in the rain and the cool of the evenings, pretending that summer isn't over. Not yet.

I love the way I go to the mall or walk down Robson Street or Denman and not run into hordes of kids during the day. I love 'em but I'm glad they're back at school.

I love the way the Seawall and Granville Island and the Art Gallery and my favorite restaurants go back to their regular non-summer, non-touristy selves. Sometimes they're still busy but they're no longer frantic.

I love that I can buy next year's summer clothes at 50 or 70% off. And because my favorite shoes are sandals, I just know that I'll be able to buy at least one pair that I've been eyeing all summer at a price I can afford.

I love the evenings as they get darker, settling into my favorite chair with candles lit and a glass of wine, and reading a great book and not feeling the slightest bit guilty about not being outside in the sunshine.

September always makes me sing.



Sue A. said...

Hi Kate, I was just saying that I love the tail end of summer best to someone today and you've been able to write down alot of the reasons why I feel that way. Cool!

I myself have never let go of that feeling for September being tied in with school, having continued my education up through University and later working there. Now I'm just a student of life.

Susan said...

I never thought about a favorite month before. Since September kicks off my favorite season, that being Fall, I guess it is!

bettye griffin said...

Vancouver, huh? I swear, that building looks just like a mammoth apartment house that can be seen from the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx . . . .

tam said...

It would be nice if the weather would stay like it is in September all year lone. I love it! Not to cold not to hot.

ruth said...

September has always been a lovely month, filled with perfect days, warm temperatures and blue skies. Vancouver is a special city with perfect areas for walking and the most spectacular setting anywhere.