Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September From Both Sides

I didn’t realize when I signed up to blog today that this Tuesday would be the sixth anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy. Certainly that’s one thing to hate about this ninth month of the year because it will always be a reminder of that terrible time in our nation’s history. Because I've lived in New York City twice in my life, as both a single and then a married woman, and because my husband and I still go there regularly to enjoy the city, I feel a special connection to Manhattan—my second home—and a definite sense of loss on this anniversary of 9/11. May all those who were lost, and who did lose loved ones, find peace.

There have been other losses, too, sad to say. Personal ones. Both of my parents died in September—in different years but one on September 19th, the other on September 21st. My maternal grandmother, in fact, passed away in the same year just ten days after my father did. I truly hope that’s the end of that, and bad events come only in threes, no more.

That’s one side of this end-of-summer, beginning-of-fall time of year.

But there’s a better side.

The glorious days are still ahead. What things do I love? The dozen or so hummingbirds that swarm around my feeders, performing their jet-fighter pilot maneuvers as they store up food for their long flight to Mexico to spend the winter. The leaves changing color, becoming a riot of orange, yellow, red on the wooded mountain road that leads to my house, scattering the pavement and beautifying the hills. The cool mornings after a blazingly hot August that shattered old records, the warm, magical, golden afternoons under a true-blue sky, the crisp, cool evenings that hint of winter in the air. The first smell of woodsmoke rising from someone’s fireplace or stove. New clothes—and the rediscovery of old favorites taken out of storage for the season ahead.

Having just returned from Connecticut where my son was married on the last of August—thanks to all for your good wishes, it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony on a beautiful day!—how could I not love September? The post-wedding brunch was held at the bride’s parents’ home on the first of this month and the newlyweds are just getting back from their Paris honeymoon. This season I have a new “daughter,” a new extended family. It doesn’t get better than that.

So how can I not love September, its splendors as well as those poignant memories?


tam said...

I gave birth in September, my daughter got married in September, & I have a grandaughter who was born in September.

Peg said...

I love September, too! And not just because it's my birthday month (26). I like that the changing leaves are around the corner as well as cooler days and even cooler nights. And that great smell that is in the air in the fall. Yup, love it!

Ashley Ladd said...

I have to comment on September 11th. It's certainly a sad day and brings horrible memories. Yet, one of my best friends was born on September 11th. We celebrated her birthday yesterday just a few hours after we held a candlelit prayer service for our fallen brothers and sisters. My younger daughter also has her birthday in September. There will be good and bad things happen on every day, in every month.

Susan said...

My mom and sister are September babies. The tips of the leaves are already starting to change color. And fresh apple cider will soon be made. I love September!

Virginia said...

I got married on September the eighth, many years ago. I have been married for 23 years so I guess Sept. is a good month.

robynl said...

Dad passed away in Sept. two years ago so it is bitter sweet for me. Sounds like a lovely wedding and perfect weather; how nice for everyone concerned and involved.

jenna said...

September is especially meaningful to me. A totally fresh start of the school year, a new area in which to live and a new chapter in my life and hopefully a great future. I enjoy the fall more than other seasons due to weather and goals which have to be conquered.