Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Mystery Of It All

Synchronicity ~n~ Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related.

Call me naïve. Wide-eyed. Innocent. (Heck, call me anything, as my grandmother used to say, just don't call me late for dinner.) I'll offer a secret smile and sing, "Sticks and stones," while silently thanking the heavens for the many blessings that have been gifted to me and mine.

Yes, you've got it. I'm one of those ingenuous people who firmly believe everything happens for a reason. There's no such thing as coincidence. Of course, I have no proof to offer. There's no tangible evidence to be had to substantiate my certainty that there is order and direction in this seemingly chaotic universe in which we live. Planets are whirling, asteroids are flying, our globe is warming, wars are raging, but I still hold tight to my faith that some One (or should that be Someone?) is in complete control.

There's simply too much magic that presents itself for me not to believe. Take me, for instance. In the grand scheme of the universe, my life—my existence—is tiny, infinitesimal. Yet, unexplainable mystery shows up too often for me to dismiss. Case in point: While researching Pennsylvania towns near the Susquehanna River for my current work in progress (HINDSIGHT), the name Wikweko popped up on Google. Now, Wikweko isn't the name of a town (it's described as "an area near Philadelphia") and it isn't near the Susquehanna River, so why did it pop up on my search? It was one of those hair-raising moments for me. Moments, I have come to realize, that deserve full awareness and attention.

Upon further investigation, I discover that Wikweko is a Lenape word meaning "place where something ends" which is absolutely perfect for the theme of my book. And the strangest part of all? My male protagonist is of Lenape heritage. Weird, right? This was dropped right into my lap from the swirling chaos of the cosmos. (Chaos? I don't think so. :::wink:::) How could I not accept this gift from the heavens? HINDSIGHT is set in a fictitious Native American community nestled in the rolling hills near the Susquehanna called Wikweko.

I am careful to stay alert to the great mystery of it all. I don't want to miss a single enchanted event that the cosmos brings my way. Go ahead and think me naïve if you must; I'll just grin furtively, ever vigilant for that next cosmic blessing.


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