Wednesday, August 1, 2007


are Bettye Griffin and dceetee. Congratulations to both of you.

Please email me ( with your mailing addresses so I can have your prizes sent to you.



bettye griffin said...

I won something! I'd better go out and get a lottery ticket. I never win anything!

E-mailing you now.

Bettye Griffin

Shirley Hailstock said...

Hi Bettye,


deseng said...

Congratulations Bettye! I won a book last month from Next Authors. I was shocked when I won! I received a terrific book from Donna Birdsell called Suburban Secrets.

deseng said...

I want to add that Stevi Mittman's book, WHOSE NUMBER IS UP, ANYWAY? is fantastic! Stevi is a talented writer whose book is a laugh a minute, suspense novel with a touch of romance added in. She delivers another fresh story aboundant with sharp dialogue and crazy characters. The story is smartly paced as the heroine, Teddi, stubbornly tries to prove a man from the bowling league in her town was murdered. She finds his body in the freezer behind the meat counter at the strip mall grocery store. She slowly unravels clues while dealing with decorating deadlines, the angst of a thirteen year old daughter, her ex-husband who is not so handy, and the sexy as sin cop, Drew Scoones, who would just love to have Teddi as his own. The passionate scenes between Teddi and Drew were so steamy that I had to cool off with several glasses of iced tea. The emotion that Mittman puts into the scenes between Teddi and her kids tugged at my heart as she battles time issues spent with them and her job. A humdinger of a story with a lot of heart!

Michele Rioli

bettye griffin said...

Thanks, Shirley and deseng! Looking forward to reading all your forthcoming NEXT titles, Shirley. Deseng, I'm sure I'll love whatever title I receive. NEXT is my kinda line. I think it's refreshing to read about "women of a certain age."


Susan said...

Congratulations, Bettye Griffin and dceetee!