Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Perfect Day? Hmmm...

Okay, first off, my perfect day has to be a lot more than 24 hours. (Hey, I'm a fiction writer--I can play with time, right?)
If I had more than 24 hours, I could both loll in bed late with my husband and also get up early and get e-mailing and that sort of stuff out of the way before the day started. I could have pancakes covered with sauteed blueberries because I'd not only have plenty of time to prepare them, but time to exercise the calories off after I ate them. (Cool, huh?) Maybe I would even sit with a cup of coffee and read the paper.
I would write twenty pages. . .before lunch. That way I'd be free for the rest of the day. I'd spend an hour using the webcam to visit with my granddaughter and watch her gurgle and coo and have a bottle.
Oh--This is Lela:

Then I'd take off in my convertible because my perfect day would be 74 degrees and sunny, and I'd find a craft fair to stroll through. Then I'd go real shopping and all the size 8s I tried on would not only fit, but flatter!
While I was shopping, my daughter would call and tell me what a terrific day she's having. I'd conference in her dad and she'd tell us all about how they are filming the episode she wrote for South of Nowhere.
Call waiting would interrupt us and I'd receive a call from my agent that publishers all over NY were fighting for my next series.
I'd meet my husband at the wonderful cafe up the lake where we'd have wine and dinner outside--bug free.
We'd leave his car there, to pick up on a less than perfect day, and drive home together under the stars in my convertible.
We'd be cold from the drive, so we'd hop in the hot tub and then hurry up to bed (here's where I close the door on the details. . .).

You know, yesterday was actually just like that.

Except for the breakfast. And the exercise. And the shopping. And the call from my agent. And the sitting with coffee and reading the paper. . .

But I did have a visit with my granddaughter, hear from my daughter about her great day on the set, go in the hot tub. . .

And you know what?

That's perfect enough!

Hope something is just perfect for you today!


Peg said...

She's gorgeous! Your day does sound like it was pretty good for a "normal" day!


Stevi Mittman said...

I'm a pretty lucky person!

Emma said...

My perfect day started by reading the excerpt from your new book. It doesn't get any better than that. Well, yes, it does, at night when I am holding my daughter as she sleeps, and tucking my two older ones into bed with a kiss.
But then, and only then...

ikkinlala said...

I love the idea of having more than 24 hours.

Lela is adorable!

robynl said...

future author in the making, lol. Cute!!

Stevi Mittman said...

Emma, you are just the sweetest!
And yes, Robyn, we are training Lela right (or is that write?).
And ikkinlala, who doesn't need more than 24 hours? Except, of course, on those days when four would be enough and all you want is to get the day over and get to the next one, which always has such promise!